3D control

Flexible, precise & homogeneous sound fields

Limited control over sound propagation proves to be the biggest challenge for conventional loudspeaker technologies – leading to unwanted reflections, audible echoes, and an often inconsistent sound experience across the audience area.

HOLOPLOT 3D Audio-Beamforming technology overcomes this limitation. It enables precise steering of sound by providing directivity control in both the vertical and horizontal axis. This allows for the creation of sound fields that optimally cover audience areas of any shape and size.

The HOLOPLOT Beam Optimization Algorithms ensure uniform coverage and spectral consistency across the whole audience area, making every seat the best seat.
SPL map

Sound field with max SPL (dB) at 2kHz from a 3x3 HOLOPLOT Matrix Array

Multiple beams

Simultaneous zones with different content

With HOLOPLOT 3D Audio-Beamforming, a single HOLOPLOT Matrix Array can generate multiple sound fields simultaneously – each with its own content, equalization, level, shape, and position.

There are many applications: be it for different language audience areas in conference rooms, contained audio zones around exhibits in museums, or clear announcement separation on adjacent platforms in train stations. The 3D Audio-Beamforming technology optimizes the level homogeneity and spectral consistency in each zone. Additionally, it minimizes the sound spill between zones.

This unique feature not only provides excellent value in functional applications but also an unprecedented creative potential for designing multiple experiences within one room.
SPL map

Two adjacent sound fields separated by two meters, each with max SPL (dB) at 2kHz from a 3x3 HOLOPLOT Matrix Array

Focused sound spots

Targeted audio experiences

HOLOPLOT Technology is capable of tightly focusing audio content onto small groups of people, even down to individual audience members – a powerful tool for creating targeted sound experiences, creating special effects at specific listener positions, or bouncing focused sound beams off walls or surfaces, like using a mirror to reflect light.

A HOLOPLOT Audio System can precisely deliver multiple focused audio contents to different positions in the audience area. Listeners can embark on a journey across unique and changing sound experiences – what you hear will depend on where you are.

Another world’s first, for sound designers to create truly novel experiences in immersive installations, theme park environments, and many more – the only limitation is the artist’s imagination.
SPL map

Three focus positions, each with max SPL (dB) at 2kHz from a 3x3 HOLOPLOT Matrix Array

Spatial audio in a new dimension

Experiences in unprecedented authenticity

A HOLOPLOT Audio System integrates spatial and immersive audio capabilities such as real-time panning of object-based audio.

With conventional audio technology, the perceived origin of sound is heavily influenced by the position of the loudspeakers, often leading to a mismatch between what you hear and what you see. With HOLOPLOT’s proprietary algorithms for coverage optimization and panning, a sound designer can seamlessly place and move audio objects across the entire audience area, untethered from the usual limitations of the loudspeaker’s position and its proximity to the audience. A scalable solution to immersive audio, deployable in venues from small theatres to large arenas.
HOLOPLOT Wave Field Synthesis technology opens a window into a world of authentic audio object reproduction, immersing the listener into soundscapes that feel more real than reality. The location, distance, and direction of the audio source are accurately rendered so that all listeners in the sound field correctly perceive the virtual source’s position in space. This creates radically new auditory scenes with multiple distinct objects, some of them static and others moving dynamically – even into the audience area, close to the individual listener. Inspire, drive, and excite your guests like never before.