Sound Architecture starts

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At the beginning of this Sound Architecture project in the Iberian Peninsula, we have the invaluable collaboration of the audiovisual services company ILUSOVI SERVICES based in Seville, national and international, this company with over 35 years in the acoustic sector and having worked and collaborated with leading artists worldwide throughout his extensive career, has the most standardized and requested means of the moment and decides to take the necessary step to this leap in the technological revolution becoming Parnet of support to users for the achievement of hitherto impossible projects.

The first objective was to show the public and audio professionals that this technology in addition to many uses, is applicable to the entertainment industry with an unbeatable result.

For this, it was necessary to present this technology to the technical production and ownership of STARLITE, the most important boutique festival that takes place in Europe with more than 70 national and international performances of the highest level, from the first moment the strongest support was obtained from all involved. All this would not have been possible without the determination and commitment of companies such as ILUSOVI SERVICIOS with all its technical team, special mention of Aaron Alcantara in charge of the technical project, STARLITE FESTIVAL, its technical production team and of course the management and ownership with its strong support for the implementation of new technologies in an innovative and avant-garde space, to the great technical and human team of HOLOPLOT that from the first moment believed in our project as we believe in its technology, creating an ambitious working group that spares no effort to achieve new challenges and to all the professionals who shared with us their experience to help us to continue growing (there is no difficult challenge, only a bad one).


Empleados de HOLOPLOT y Sound Architecture.
Sound Architecture en colaboración con Ilusovi en el Starlite.