Sound Architecture in Las Vegas

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Sound Architecture en el directo de la Sphere en Las Vegas.

On September 29th, the Sound Architecture team traveled to Las Vegas to join HOLOPLOT in the launch of Sphere MSG with U2’s new show. It was a unique experience with the best currently active band in a venue set to redefine entertainment globally.

The audience’s reaction was immediate. The looks of disbelief at the end of the show, the global impact, testimonies from artists, thousands or millions of videos on social networks, forums, and professional groups from various sectors discussing a new era, all suggest that this is just the beginning of a long journey.

Focusing on the HOLOPLOT sound system, and with the experience and calm reflection after a few hours, reliving the immersive experience at Sphere MSG on October 1st with the screening of the documentary by Darren Aronofsky “Postcard from Earth”, you come to appreciate the potential of the system. Every artist or project in this space challenges and surprises the audience. The endless possibilities, control over every area, crystal-clear audio fidelity, suppression of unwanted reflections, consistent acoustics and pressure in every seat make this system the best known tool for acoustic control.
Before, during, and after this wonderful experience, we shared our insights with HOLOPLOT’s human and technical team, and that’s when you realize the caliber of the company created by Roman Sick (CEO of HOLOPLOT). As we discussed with him, persistence and faith in an idea have brought together the most prestigious engineers in various fields, all with a mindset centered on “challenges and demands”. This is just the beginning.

From SOUND ARCHITECTURE, from day one we had no doubt that we were witnessing astounding technology with vast applications in many sectors such as integration, architecture, entertainment, acoustic pollution of spaces, multi-areas, etc. We are proud to be part of this magnificent family and to contribute with our skills and experiences to implement this technology for the enjoyment of the audience